Thursday, 26 July 2012


She's broken, she's beaten
She's hurt, she's sore
She lies on the floor, motionless and scarred
Her grief is stuck in her throat
Her hair, all out of place, sweeps the ground
She is curled into herself like a ball of fur
Her clothes are torn, painted with his animal
Her bosom rises and falls gently and painfully as she breathes
Her cheeks are stained with her dried up tears
Droplets of blood drip down from the corner of her mouth
Her heartbeat pounds against her wounds
Pain throbs through all of her
She bleeds profusely through her heart
Not a sound escapes her lips
The fairy-tale that she had dreamed of
Turned out to be her worst nightmare.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dear Dream Boy

Steal me from the world, keep me with you
When I tell you I love you, say you love me too
When things go wrong, make them go right
Within your arms, hold me tight
Make me blush, make me smile
Never let go, not even for a while
Make me fall in love with you, over and over
Dance with me, when the music gets slower
Shut me up, let me scream
Tickle me and send me into a laughing realm
Entrance me in your love, make me talk without a sound
Look deep into my eyes, when noone's around
Sweep me off my feet, kiss my tears away
Whenever I'm lost, show me the way
I hear them say, "forever isn't forever"
Tell me they're wrong, part with me never
Though unbelievable, but if you're for real dream boy
Don't play with my heart, it isn't a toy.