The Phoenix

Who am I 

I am Anshitaa, I am a student. I am originally from Bhopal but I am based in Mumbai, away from my family for my education. Right from when I was little I was fond of writing. My near and dear ones always encouraged me to write and I took it up a notch and decided to try and share my thoughts with the world.

Why 'The Phoenix's Flight'

I made several attempts at blogging, in the past but they always failed. Something seemed incorrect, something amiss or I just got plain bored. A phoenix is symbolic of rebirth, here implying my re-re-reattempt at blogging, my rebirth as a blogger. And flight for I hope it's successful and touches the skies.

What do I write 

I write about things I experience, things I feel and things I imagine. 

More about me

I am the second of three siblings. I have doting grandparents, wonderful parents, a newly married elder sister, her delightful husband, an annoying younger brother and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. I am severely attached to my family. I am very sensitive and my emotions get triggered easily. I am compassionate and observant. I am also told my sense of humour isn't all that bad.

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