Saturday, 19 May 2012


She sat on the bed, their bed, her face buried into her knees. The echoes of her long-silent sobs, hung in the air. A gush of cold wind made its way through the one open window and kissed her tear stained face, bringing with it the memories of that fine spring day, not too long ago.

He had gone down on one knee, as he sang 'I love you till the end' by The Pogues, in an awfully pitchy voice. She had cried tears of joy as he made her live her idea of a perfect proposal that she had told him, the first time they had met in the college cafeteria.

She had leaned forward and kissed him with all the love she had for him as she accepted.

And then her thoughts reverted to that dreaded day. The sight of him hanging at the edge of the cliff, as they waited for help to arrive, still made her flinch.

It made her sad that she didn't insist upon calling off the trek even though she didn't have a good feeling about it. She was angry with herself for not having been more careful. She regretted that she didn't tell him she loved him, often enough. She hated how the last memory of him alive that she had was him covered in blood, as he fought to hang on.

She had lost him that day. He had left her alone in this cruel world, to face all of it by herself, without his hand to hold, without his words to comfort her, without his arms to protect her, without his love to make her heart beat.

Her life had no meaning anymore. Her insides were numb. She was barely alive.

She was about to break into fresh bouts of tears, when miraculously enough, her phone burst into music, as those bitter-sweet words surrounded her, "I just wanna be there when the morning light explodes, on your face it radiates, I cant escape, I love you till the end."

She squeezed her eyes shut and breathed him in the air. He was still watching over her...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


You've tied my feet and clipped my wings
I'm trapped in this cruel cage
"You're safer in here dear llittle birdie-
"With us to protect you from the dangerous outside world"
The blanket of your love that kept me warm now suffocates me
I would break these bars if I could help it
My eyes gleam with anger and resentment
I no longer want to be a slave of your will
Have a heart, set me free
Let me stretch my limbs and embrace a new morning
Let me explore the world for myself
Your little birdie is ready to take flight...

P.S. This post has created a little confusion with someone I shared this poem with. I am not really talking about a bird here. I'm talking about me. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ayye ayye!

Welcome aboard. I am Anshitaa, 17 years old (as of now) and this is yet another (hopefully successful) attempt at starting AND maintaining a blog.

I have already spent over an hour, staring at this page, clueless as to what I should write next. I actually checked out so many blogs right now to see what other people's first posts look like. And I'm still as clueless as ever /Anshi fails

I love Harry Potter. Like lovelove. I like to believe I'm very funny :P I'm a tad bit lazy. My mind runs just a bit too much, I think up of things others couldn't even dream of. Sometimes I care too much at other instances, I couldn't care less. Oh and I enjoy writing but I am not very sincere (thus explaining why this is my 4th blog :P )

I appeared for my 12th CBSE exams in the month of March and am now (not so eagerly) waiting for my results so I can apply to colleges and stuff. I am thoroughly fed up with the monotony of my life.

And I do realize I'm only just uselessly ranting now, so I'll sign up.

Thanks for the read!

Until later x