Monday, 14 May 2012

Ayye ayye!

Welcome aboard. I am Anshitaa, 17 years old (as of now) and this is yet another (hopefully successful) attempt at starting AND maintaining a blog.

I have already spent over an hour, staring at this page, clueless as to what I should write next. I actually checked out so many blogs right now to see what other people's first posts look like. And I'm still as clueless as ever /Anshi fails

I love Harry Potter. Like lovelove. I like to believe I'm very funny :P I'm a tad bit lazy. My mind runs just a bit too much, I think up of things others couldn't even dream of. Sometimes I care too much at other instances, I couldn't care less. Oh and I enjoy writing but I am not very sincere (thus explaining why this is my 4th blog :P )

I appeared for my 12th CBSE exams in the month of March and am now (not so eagerly) waiting for my results so I can apply to colleges and stuff. I am thoroughly fed up with the monotony of my life.

And I do realize I'm only just uselessly ranting now, so I'll sign up.

Thanks for the read!

Until later x


  1. You're just... Ihatechu Molin, there's going to be meaningful posts later but to be honest, I just don't know how to begin a blog. I suck at introductions -_-

    1. Be random... you are good at it... :)

    2. I suck at introductions too. Its quite difficult to start a blog when you don't know exactly what its for. I was thinking of starting a separate one for my write-ups, but thought it wasn't worth the effort :P

    3. Haha, PS, I'm glad someone empathizes! But it is worth the effort! D: Make one, RIGHT NOW. I need to read. Nownownow!

    4. Well, right now, I have quite a heavy work load with the puzzles side of things. Too heavy. I'm struggling to even break even :| You can see, I'm not even able to upload a daily puzzle on my blog like I used to. So, 2nd blog? Maybe later. :P


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