Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How can one define love?
Is it in those ages you've spent pining over them?
Or the lifetime you were together?
Is it in how firmly you hold onto them?
Or how easily you let go?
Is it in the tears you shed for them?
Or the pained smile you smile when you think of them?
Is love in the passion with which lips meet?
Or in those stolen, painful glances?
Is it the intensity you feel?
Or the numbness that won't subside?
Is there love in the radiance of the mornings?
Or in the somber stillness of the night?
Is it when every inch of you writhes in agony?
Or when you lay calmly in peace?
Is it in 'Till death do us part'?
Or in 'We were never meant to be'?
Is love in those hands clasped so tight?
Or those fingers that barely touch, as you slowly drift apart?
Does love exist in gloating todays?
Or in the blues of tomorrows?
What exactly do you call love?
How does one define it?

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