Monday, 6 May 2013

Mischief managed

Last Thursday was a very significant day in my life and millions others, all over the world. It day marked the 15th anniversary of the infamous battle of Hogwarts that led to the defeat of... Lord Voldemort. There, I said it!
Some of you might smile to yourselves smugly, in mockery of how much emphasis I lay on an event of fictional history. To you, I would shrug with indifference because I'm not dysfunctional, it's your deprivation and naivety to blame why you don't understand.
To those who are clueless as to what I'm referring to, it's Harry Potter. I won't call it a saga or a series of books/ movies because it's more, much more. It's an inspiration. It's sacred. It's life altering. It's the silver lining to so many dark clouds. Dramatic as it sounds, every bit of it is true and I can summon a LOT of people to testify to that.
May the second, of every year is celebrated as International Harry Potter Day. It's a day as huge as any holiday and day sadder than any funeral. Earlier in the morning, I logged into my facebook account when on my newsfeed, a post from a HP Fanpage appeared that commemorated all the martyrs of the greatest wizarding wars of all times. No sooner than I had read it, I shed a few tears in memory of all those characters that played a role in shaping the person I am today. And I know that so many Potterheads (Yes, that's what we call ourselves.) joined me in my mourning. It might sound senile but it's beyond any muggle's comprehension. On this occasion, I knew I had to create a post as a tribute to this fandom that accepted me into it without any prejudice or bias. I owe it to J.K. Rowling for the way she has touched my life.
J.K. Rowling, who's brainchild Harry Potter is, has created the world's shortest lovestory in the word 'always'. She taught her readers how it's okay to be unique. She sowed the seeds for rebellion against injustice. She personified the words, 'till the very end.' She narrated an enthralling tale of bravery, ambition, wisdom and loyalty with all its essence intact. She restored our faith into the power of love. She created a world of fantasy so real that it is real now, to so many of us. She recreated the magic that seemed to be missing from all of our lives.

P.S. Nothing is funnier than nose related humour. ;)

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