Saturday, 23 March 2013

Apple of their eyes

She cradled me in her arms with motherly tenderness,
While he looked from afar, worried he might break me.

She was furious when I scribbled on the walls, exploring my new-found artist.
He was tongue-tied for the angelic gleam in my eyes melted his heart.

As I left home, on my first day of school, she hugged me tight, her face glowing with pride.
From the corner of my eye, I caught him looking at me through the window, tensed and apprehensive.

She bellowed at me and grounded me when I came home past my curfew.
He just nodded his head in disappointment.

Years flew by and I left home for good.
Her tears flowed uncontrollably as she ensured I packed everything I needed,
While he kissed my forehead gently and wished me luck.

I brought the love of my life home for the very first time.
She doted on him and fed him till he burst.
He sat in a corner, with a few words to say and an uncomfortable smile plastered on his face.

On the day of my wedding, she was by my side all the time, telling me how no bride had ever looked so beautiful.
He was barely in one place for over a minute, making sure everything was in order.

She cried her heart out as we took rounds of the sacred fire and said our vows,
And he wiped those tears that rolled down his cheek, as we drove away.

I am my mother's joy and delight,
And my daddy's heart and soul.

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