Friday, 29 March 2013

Hate that I love that I hate

I am a massive romantic. I love relationships; being in one and seeing others happy in one, alike. Probably being in one, more. What draws me towards relationships so much is that they aren’t dictated by any norms, they aren’t bound by any rules. You don't HAVE to be doing something specific to be in a relationship. There is no rulebook, no guidelines, no definitions. You make your own; learn from your own mistakes. It's a wonderful path of learning and discovering each other and yourself. Now, having made that point, there are a lot of things about relationships that...let's just say aren't very pleasant, in my books. Things that people do, a manner they typically behave in, when they're in relationships, to be specific. Here's a list of top 7 things about relationships that I love to hate-

#7 I hate it when in a couple, the girl is taller than the guy. It just seems wrong on so many levels.( Pun intended.) It seems as if the universe's symmetry has been distorted. I know that this is a very shallow perspective but I can't help but feel the way I do about this issue of critical symmetrical importance. Maybe it’s an OCD.
Imagine a guy tip-toeing to kiss a girl. Very. Disturbing. Thought.

#6 I absolutely detest it when couples intertwine pinkies and walk. Holding hands is completely fine, but pinkies? How old are you, 4? I actually took this opportunity to Google 'holding pinkies'. Yes, I'm a nerd like that. Turns out, the phrase is an idiom of sorts. Here's what the urban dictionary says holding pinkies means, "Two people who consider themselves in a relationship, but in reality lack the level of maturity necessary to understand what a real relationship even is, or the ability to comprehend the level of emotional intimacy required to constitute a tangible romantic relationship. It is usually used to describe preteens caught up in the illusion of a relationship, but some people don’t grow out of this mentality as quickly as they should. The term is meant to convey the image of a lesser and inferior form of holding hands; accurately reflecting a lesser and inferior form of relationship."

Think twice before you hold any more pinkies, people.

#5 I absolutely don't approve of abusing social networking sites to proclaim your love to each other, over and over again. Statuses and videos and pictures and wallposts and tweets and tumbler posts and whatnot dedicated to each other. We don't want to know how many months you've completed together and we don't want to know where he took you/ you took her for your big special date and it genuinely doesn't concern us what you did on Saturday night. What's even worse is that whenever they may have the teeniest-weeniest of fights, they would update their relationship statuses to 'single'. Where did those days go when you slapped your guy right across his face when he was being an arse? I miss the good old drama.

#4 I am a thorough feminist even though I appreciate chivalry in theory. So in my head, the idea of men paying for everything, all the time seems almost sweet. But then I wake up from my reverie and shriek, 'Noooo!' I'm being blunt but the fact that certain girls/ women just take it for granted that men are going to pay, whenever they go out is disgraceful. My conscience would never allow me to do that.

Maybe I'm just an odd turtle. *Shrugs with indifference*

#3 In the Indian society, it disturbs me how people use the word 'love' so casually. They do not truly understand the intensity of the word, all the joys and baggage attached with it but they still tell each other 'I love you' because it seems like the only right thing to do after you're in a relationship. It's not! After you're in a relationship, get to know each other better and see if you can accept the other with all their flaws. If you accomplish that, there's a slight chance that you may be in love, no guarantees.
The concept of love at first sight is absolutely alien to me. Love is a very heavy-duty feeling and it takes time to develop. What happens in only glimpse is lust/ infatuation, not love. How hard is that to comprehend?
You 13 year olds, if you say you love each other one more time, I'm going to come after you with my cane. I'm serious, I have one.

#2 Here is my almost favourite love-to-hate thing about a relationship. PDA or public display of affection. Yes, you're holding pinkies. Yes, you're in a relationship with each other on facebook. Yes, you 'love' each other. Understood. Accepted. Dealt with. Lived with. But why do our eyes have to be subjected to all your hormone induced activities? Forget us, have some respect for your own mutual privacy and get a room already.

#1 I understand that relationships require time and dedication for them to work out and the person that you're in a relationship with is very special but I hate it when people's lives start revolving around their significant others. Long forgotten are those declarations of 'bros before hoes' and 'BFF before gigglos' or however those go. Long abandoned are those friends that were there in your hour of need, who would stay on the phone with you all night because you couldn't sleep, who were there to comfort and support you when you needed it the most. Yes, that new person is very special but so are your friends. Don't give up on them! They will still be there if and when this new someone special becomes old, boring and annoying.

This is enough hating and acting wiser than my years, for today. Signing out x

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